The Globe, Rastrick

The history of the Globe, a prominent hostelry on Rastrick Common, is largely obscure due to a fire at the brewery which destroyed all records. However, it seems to have been converted into a pub from three former residences sometime in the early to mid 19th Century, whilst the suicide of a former landlord who hung himself in the bottle store in the “last century” was certainly well-remembered and a belief persisted that his ghost haunted the pub.

In an article in the Brighouse Echo dated 22nd January 1982, the incumbent landlord Geoff Clayton reports an array of familiar occurrences, such as pictures falling repeatedly from the walls and glasses jumping clear off the shelf. Owners had long attributed such activity to “Old Harry.” Meanwhile, Mr. Clayton’s dog allegedly always exhibited signs of discomfort in the vicinity of the bottle store, growling and bristling its hair.

A couple of weeks following the publication of the article, one Fred Marshall contacted the Brighouse Echo to explain that the suicide had in fact been of his father, Albert Marshall, and it had actually occurred on 17th May 1910. The 83 year old Mr. Marshall did not seem too perturbed by his father’s tragic death being raked up in such a sensationalist fashion, magnanimously declaring, “It is a long time ago now.”

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