Rastrick Constitutional Club

Established in 1897, Rastrick Constitutional Club on Church Lane (also known as the “Top Club”) was conceived as a more upmarket working men’s club and like many such institutions, one of its primary attractions was the snooker room, which was located upstairs above the landlord’s living quarters. A Brighouse Echo article dated 25th April 1974 describes how the room was once the source of mysterious and possibly ghostly noises.

The haunting began around Christmas 1973, when landlord Roger Hart heard footsteps on the floor above his living room after he had closed the club for the night. Thinking it must be a burglar, he went to investigate, taking his Labrador for protection. However, the dog cowered at the bottom of the steps and refused to ascend, leaving Hart to go up alone. When he entered the room and turned on the lights, he found the room deserted.

The footsteps were heard on successive occasions following that first incidence by several other members of the family, including non-residents. It apparently sounded exactly as if somebody was pacing around the snooker table. Most curiously, to reduce noise overhead, Hart fitted a carpet over the tiled floor in the snooker room. However, whilst the sound of ordinary customers was almost entirely cut out, the spectral footsteps continued as ever.

The Harts were at a loss to account for the reasons for the haunting. According to long-term members, no supernatural activity had ever been recorded there before. However, one individual speculated that the happenings maybe connected to the disturbance of graves at the nearby site of the demolished Crowtrees Methodist Church by roadworks, which occurred at the same time the haunting is alleged to have begun.

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