Rose Cottage, Hove Edge

Incongruously located amongst modern bungalows and even a nearby council estate, Rose Cottage at Hove Edge between Brighouse and Lightcliffe dates from around 1837 and was once known as Catherine Slack Cottage, after the street onto which its white-washed walls back. In a Brighouse Echo article dated 12th April 1996, the owner of the house Karen de Ruyter tells of a series of hauntings to have occurred in the house during her family’s otherwise happy four year occupancy.

The strange happenings began as soon as they moved in, when a number of plants she had left in the middle of the floor after unpacking were discovered mysteriously arranged around the house the following morning. Mrs. de Ruyter goes on to describe feeling cold spots in the house, even at the height of summer whilst workmen have mentioned feeling uncomfortable when left alone there and the family cats would often suddenly arch their backs and begin spitting at thin air.

More tangibly, Mr. de Ruyter claims to have woken one morning to see a small old lady, stooped and dressed in archaic clothes, standing at the foot of the bed before suddenly vanishing, whilst Mrs. de Ruyter witnessed an old man in the garden who similarly disappeared after a matter of seconds. The family’s researches failed to uncover any possible explanation for the haunting, although the house survived a fire once in its history and local gossip claims witches formerly lived there.

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  1. OMG! this is my house 😥 Assif it is haunted.

    • Ill be watching you whilst your asleep, at the end of your bed.

  2. Funny.

  3. Nothing in this house lived here years and ghost free

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