The “Bones” House, Lightcliffe

An old cottage thought to have once been a blacksmiths sited at the junction of St. Giles Road and Wakefield Road in Lightcliffe was the source of a gruesome discovery in July 1997, when new owners Neil Robertshaw and Jenny Dawson discovered human bones including a skull in the loft. Police called to the property discovered several further such deposits in the house but forensic examination revealed that they were hundreds of years old. It is unknown whether the bones had always been in the house or whether they had been left by some previous owner with a taste for the macabre.

Following a report of the discovery in the Brighouse Echo, a letter from former resident Elaine Wood was printed on 11th July 1997. Mrs. Wood had occupied the cottage thirty-one years before and had always believed it to be haunted. She describes a “strange atmosphere” and hearing the cries of a baby, whilst there was a long narrow room in the house which she did not like to enter alone. Mrs. Wood speculated that the bones may have been connected to the haunting, although she could not say if the bones had been there during her tenure as she had never thoroughly investigated the loft.

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