Crawstone Hall, Greetland

The imposing three-gabled edifice of Crawstone Hall stands off Dog Lane, a horribly appropriate name as will become clear. It was constructed in 1631 (and extended in 1700) on the site of an earlier structure known as Swayneroyd, for John Ramsden. His family had been granted the land in 1519 and they endured there until 1763. Today, like many such buildings, the hall has been split into three separate dwellings.

An article from the Calderdale News dated 18th October 1990 describes how in days gone by a former owner of the Hall accepted a challenge to visit his hounds at midnight wearing his everyday clothes rather than his hunting gear. The next morning only his boots were found and the man was never seen again, the implication presumable being that the hounds, failing to recognise their master in unfamiliar attire, wholly devoured him.

It is said that once a year on the anniversary of that night his ghost can be heard stamping along the corridor of the upper floor at the Hall. The story is no doubt apocryphal, however, as it seems incredible that such a grisly death would not appear in the historical record and apart from a cannonball discovered in the grounds in the early 20th Century (suggesting some Civil War involvement), Crawstone’s history is unremarkable.

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